Coping With Personal Failure

(This is not about natural disasters. This is about failures that result from one’s own actions.) Heroes in stories tend to follow patterns. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because we’re built as humans to follow those same patterns. We’re built to live by a code and overcome adversity, but that’s not always what we do. […]

How To Take a Compliment

Here’s how I score compliment taking. I’m trying to work myself to +2, but it’s a work in progress. -2 … Take it as an insult. Most things people say can be interpreted in more than one way. If a person is insecure and paranoid any compliment can be taken as a veiled insult. -1 […]

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Hi there, I am a lover of philosophy and differing thoughts. I use this blog to work out some thoughts that I roll around in my brain. It helps me organize them when I put them down. I realize that I’ll probably find plenty wrong with the things I’ve said as I learn and grow but I hope to leave past thoughts mostly alone aside from grammatical or clarifying edits. That said I do hope I get challenged and grow so if someone happens along this blog and has some input please give it to me strait! Lets first find the premises we can agree to and then work from there. If we start from different places, logic can never bring us together, but if we start from the same place true logic can never tear us apart!